A new opponent for the liberalization of planting rights: the Czech Republic

On the 31st of May, the Czech Republic joined the front of Member States opposed to the liberalisation of planting rights. The Czech government, in a press release, expressed itself against the loss of this production potential management mechanism in viticulture.

Today 11 Member States, 182 votes, are officially opposed to the liberalisation of planting rights that should take place on the 1st January 2016. This reinforces the already established blocking minority. However, to reach a qualified majority in the Council 3 Member states and 73 votes are still needed.

EFOW believes it is essential that the Commission listens to the growing voice of Member States opposed to such liberalisation. We consider that it is fundamental that the issue of managing the production potential be treated within the framework of the CAP, the only valid legislative window before the end of 2015. The French National Assembly, through the voting of a resolution on June 1st, called for these positions to be translated into action during the CAP reform.

EFOW’s objective is to convince other Member States of the need to oppose the liberalisation of planting rights, while making sure that the subject will be covered by the European institutions in the nearest future.

For further information please consult the Czech Government press release: