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“Because origin matters”
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A sector that continues to modernise while preserving traditions and skills rooted in various terroirs.
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High-quality productions of great variety and originality that cannot be outsourced or copied.
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A network of small and medium-sized businesses that create numerous jobs in rural areas and in wine tourism.
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An indispensable contribution to the economy of EU regions, as there is often no viable agricultural alternative to viticulture.
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A tradition that is part of a shared culture and heritage.
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EFOW is a Brussels-based organisation representing wines with an Appellation of Origin and Geographical Indication from the European Union.

European elections 2024


EFOW focuses its activities
on policy areas that have
a direct impact
on the wine appellation sector.

Agriculture and wine regulations, in particular:
    • Wine production and labelling regulations
    • Quality policy
    • Future of the CAP
    • Sustainability
Promotion programmes in the EU and in third countries
Trade negotiations:
    • Bilateral and regional agreements
    • WTO negotiations, in particular regarding geographical indications protection
Internal market rules affecting the wine sector:
    • Free movement of goods
    • Fiscal and customs issues
Social aspects of wine relating to the positive impact of a moderate wine consumption


“Because origin matters”


EFOW (the European Federation of Origin Wines) and DWV (the German Winegrowers’ Association) together with MEPs Paolo De Castro (S&D), Alvaro Amaro (EPP), Irène Tolleret (RE), Adrian Vazquez Lazara (RE) and Claude Gruffat (Greens) organised a seminar in Strasbourg to exchange on the revision of Geographical Indications (GI). On that occasion, Arcadia International experts presented to participantsEFOW and DWV’s study on sustainability in wine appellations (annexes).

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