Riccardo Ricci Curbastro unanimously re-elected President of EFOW

16 January 2024, Brussels – During EFOW’s members General Assembly, Mr Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, PDO Franciacorta winemaker, President of Equalitas and Federdoc member, was unanimously re-elected as President of EFOW following the resignation of Mr Bernard Farges, PDO Bordeaux winemaker and President of the CNIV. Mr. Maxime Toubart, PDO Champagne winemaker, co-president of the CIVC and vice-president of CNAOC, becomes EFOW ‘s vice-president and treasurer. Mr. Gilberto Igrejas, president of the IVDP, and Mr. David Palacios Algarra, PDO Navarra winemaker and president of CECRV, are re-elected as EFOW vice-presidents.

M. Ricci Curbastro, who served as President when EFOW was founded, is returning to the European scene following Mr. Bernard Farges 7 year mandate.

EFOW’s new President explains: “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my colleague and friend Bernard Farges for all the work he has accomplished over the past 7 years at European level. He has guided our appellations through major crises, such as the Trump tax and the COVID19 crisis, as well as winning important battles during the reform of the CAP post-2022 and the reform of Geographical Indications. I am honoured to have been re-elected by my colleagues and to be returning to the presidency of EFOW, an organisation that has made its mark and that counts in the debates on the future of viticulture at European level“.

Aware of the issues facing the sector, he adds: “Wine appellations are facing many challenges today, such as decreasing consumption, the status of our products in society and sustainability. As EFOW’s President, my ambition is to carry on and strengthen the work being done in these areas, and in particular to look at the tools our sector needs to continue offering quality products to consumers. We will make our voice heard during the major 2024 EU milestones, and remind everyone of the essential role that our appellation wines and winegrowers play in preserving the economic, social, environmental and cultural dynamism of many European regions.”