PRESS RELEASE | New Wine Delegated Act: EFOW will continue to be active and vigilant

Bruxelles, 9 June 2020

Commissioner Wojciechowski announced during the June 9th meeting with the political coordinators of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee (AGRI Committee) and the rapporteur on the CMO Delegated Acts, the preparation of a new Delegated Act before the summer on condition that the AGRI Committee withdraws its objection to the Delegated Act based on article 219 it is currently scrutinising. Unfortunately, the Commissioner did not make any financial commitments for 2021, despite the fact that the sector has been hardly hit by successive crises (US tariffs, the slowdown of the Asian economies and the European lockdown).

EFOW’s President, Mr. Bernard Farges, stressed “the decisive role played by the MEPs sitting in the AGRI Committee, who, thanks to their determination, have succeeded in pushing forward this vital issue for the wine appellations. We would like to thank all the MEPs for their support and in particular those who have taken the lead on this dossier: Mr Lins, Mr Dorfmann, Mr De Castro and Mrs Sander”. He went on to explain that “EFOW will not slacken its efforts and will make sure that the third Delegated Act takes better account of the interests of appellation winegrowers”.