PRESS RELEASE | EFOW hails the renewal of the Wine Intergroup

Brussels, 12 December 2019.

EFOW, the European Federation of Origin Wines, welcomes the support by the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament for the establishment of a Wine, Quality foodstuffs and Spirits Intergroup.

EFOW’s members are extremely satisfied by the renewal of the oldest Intergroup of the European Parliament. It is a clear signal of the relevance and importance of these sectors for the EU’s economy.

EFOW’s President, Mr Bernard Farges, explains that “the renewal of the wine Intergroup comes at a crucial moment for our sector. There are important discussions underway which need a bipartisan approach such as the reform of the CAP and the impact of the US retaliatory measures on our sector. We look forward to working with MEPs and other stakeholders to find concrete solutions to the many challenges we are facing“.