EFOW participates to the GI World Assembly meeting at EXPO Milan

Brussels, 12 October 2015. EFOW, the European Federation of Origin Wines, has actively participated to the debates that took place at the Geographical Indication (GI) World Assembly meeting which was organised today at EXPO Milan. GI organisations and producers from all over the world came together to talk about the prospects and challenges facing GIs in the coming years.

EFOW took part to the GI World Assembly meeting organised at EXPO Milan to discuss and confront itself with colleagues and governmental authorities from around the world about the future challenges for GI products.

EFOW illustrated the importance of an effective protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in third markets, but also on the Internet, as well as a focused communication to better inform consumers on the qualities of GI wines. Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, EFOW’s President, insisted on the fact that the lack of protection has a strong adverse economic impact since it limits access to markets and undermined consumer loyalty. He also insisted on the fact that the sector will need to learn to exploit new tools, such as the Internet, to ensure its development and help consumers’ access information on our products’ origin and production methods.

EFOW’s President stated that “I am pleased to see that the Geographical Indications family keeps on growing around the world and that we share the same values and goals. The interest in origin products is strong and it is important to develop a constructive dialogue with our counterparts and worldwide policymakers to advance our cause.”