A new opponent to the liberalisation of planting rights: the European Parliament

The European Parliament (EP) in plenary session voted today in favour of Albert Deß report on the future of the CAP after 2013. MEPs positioned themselves against the liberalisation of planting rights. Indeed, they believe that the European Commission “should consider proposing the maintaining of planting rights in the wine sector”. After the recent positioning of 11 Member States, a new major player asks the Commission to reconsider the decision taken in 2008. EFOW, the European Federation of Origin Wines, welcomes the vote and the strong support of the EP.

For Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, “the European Commission must take into account the EP’s position and inscribe as soon as possible on its agenda a legislative proposal favourable to the maintenance of the planting rights scheme”. EFOW considers that the position taken by Members States and the EP must be translated by end of 2011 into a new legislative proposal. Reminder: in the framework of the agricultural policy, the European Parliament is now co-legislator whereas it was not the case in 2008.